Dialogue of Religions and Civilizations Is it the dialogue of Tarshan?

    Dialogue of Religions and Civilizations Is it the dialogue of Tarshan?

    The advocates of interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians bet on peaceful co-existence between peoples and civilizations as a fateful and necessary issue to find rapprochement and understanding for the good of man. They agreed to respect religions and to develop international laws that fight terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering. And their doctrines, this dialogue remains unimportant as the West does not respect our civilization and does not do justice to our just causes and exclude from equality and freedom.

    Especially after the events and statements began from the beginning of the declaration of the Crusade immediately after the events of September, followed by the desecration of the Koran in the detention of "Guantanamo" and Iraq and then cartoons of the Prophet peace be upon him, to Islamic fascism and finally the pope's dramatic lecture, which opened the door again for more The insults and provocations are more offensive and insulting to Islam than to unleash harassment of Muslims and their religion, which is the focus of their lives.

    This attack increases the atmosphere of tension and fear between the Islamic world and the West in harmony with several voices, warning of the danger of Arabization and Islamization of Europe, and warned of an Islamic cyclone that threatens Western society and its identity, thus feeding the voices of hatred and hatred among the components of one society. Tolerance and communication. This campaign, with all its predecessors and consequences, poses great dangers that do not serve the peoples of the region, which are diverse and intertwined with interests in terms of the geographical location of the Islamic Ummah and its wealth and wealth. Nha Runner  The beliefs in Islam

    The declared facts prove that the truth of the declared war is not on terrorism as they claim, but it is clear that this deliberate confusion and the association of terrorism with Islam is a blatant proof of all these introductions that emerged with modesty until they reached the stage of defamation and bragging from politicians and media to the top of the religious code. Karim and the Prophet peace be upon him a source of terrorism, demanding the reformulation of the values ​​of Muslims and their ideas and patterns of behavior and lives, in the name of tolerance and global peace and the culture of globalization. Here we find ourselves in front of a new Islam in which we disown our noble messenger, our noble prophet and the obedience of the messenger of the new world order, and the Pope and other missionaries of democracy, urbanization and justice that have produced destruction and devastation in Iraq and killed the unarmed people of Palestine and justify the heinous massacres in Lebanon. And to target those who oppose it and oppose it with terrorism. To find himself a global chase before laws enacted in this regard ..

    The expression of Muslims in the Islamic world and Europe about their rejection and condemnation of this plan through popular protest movements is a clear message to them that the concept of the one body is a reality and the one nation is a living feeling among the descendants of Muhammad. To doubt that this nation is still adhering to its religion and the year of its noble prophet, and all that this other campaign earns is the anger and resentment that drives its people to angry reactions, and what these acts that began to spread and spread, from people who have lost any hope of justice and equality but a guide To threaten these violent acts of world security and stability

    Muslims remain committed to the dialogue despite its deadlock, and they regard the stampede as a divine year that will continue until God inherits the land and from it, because it is a permanent and continuous state that can not be ignored or eliminated. They want a defense that consecrates the competition that serves the human being and disseminates the values ​​of goodness, justice, virtue and morality.
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