The mixture of construction

    And phase. And the book Mstvor. In a parchment. And the House of the World. And the raised ceiling. And the sea Almmsjor "(phase: 1-6)
    The mountain phase is high, but it is a creature like us .. God created it and made Sunan cause in its height and height.

    The House of the World, is a house built by the hand of man ..
     may become as tall as the mountain, but the man here becomes part of the Sunan, contribute to it and be a partner in Sunan change ..
    The mountain phase where the revelation .. Inn where (the book).
    The House of the World is a construction project, a construction project that starts from the revelation.
    (The House of the World) is a symbol of the urban project 
    based on the book .. rules and starting points and plan of construction and building materials of the book ..
    The House of the World is this urbanization, which may be similar in some respects to some other civilizational projects, but it is
     often a passing resemblance. The bases are different, the starting points are different, the building materials are different. In construction are similar, but the proportions of components are inevitably different ..
    The house that we travel around in the Hajj, which we are heading to in our prayers wherever we are, carries the constant symbolism of Omran, which is our responsibility.

    All the rituals associated with this house, Hajj Tawaaf,and prayer, are in essence the means of building, the rituals of urbanization, the rituals that make you motivate the building, prepare you for construction and construction, get out of your house and provide you with the construction of the building.
    It may have made you, personally, a material for building, and a tool for it.
    Urbanism - when you truly understand it - makes you all this, making you contribute to the ongoing construction process since Abraham and his son raised the rules.
    Urbanism makes you active, in that ongoing, continuous act, extending from the deep past to the deeper future as long as it is related to the past.
    Urban architecture first, then becomes eligible to be (actor) ..

    Urbanism does not only make you understand 
    the urbanization in a different way, but also makes 
    you understand your faith in a different way, in a way 
    that you understand and apply to raise the rules and to 
    complete the construction and all who walked on their way.
    "But the mosques of Allah will build those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and establish prayer, and receive zakaah, and fear not only Allah, but they may be among those who are guided" (Repentance: 18)
    This is really ages, faith, prayer and zakat as basic parts of the building components with stone, marble, bricks, cement and iron .. An essential part of the construction mix ..
    Building can be superior to this type of component, with only physical components.
    But height is not one of the Quranic goals, but the ages. It may be similar in some respects, but it is completely different in the end. Different values ​​lead to different proportions of different components and components as well.

    Roof raised

    These different components in the reconstruction mix, make (your roof raised) ..
    Your faith in God, your stay for prayer, your Zakat, all raise your roof, from the ceiling of your ambitions and abilities and your vision ..
    Your roof can not rise without the book, your roof can not rise to be blotted with heaven without this book that connects you to heaven.
    You can not embrace the peaks, if you live in the roof of ambitions and abilities low .. In the ceiling (lower) where the dwarves live souls ..
    The raised ceiling, which came in this context of the Qur'an, is the natural product of faith in an urban nature, that is, a truly Islamic faith.
    This raised ceiling becomes part of you .. becomes your roof ..
    When that happens, when your roof rises, your participation in the reconstruction of the house will be a collection.

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