The beliefs in Islam

    The Quran (in verse 285 of Surah Al-Baqarah) calls on Muslims to believe in what the Prophet and the early believers believe. The verse does not explicitly mention faith in the Last Day and Destiny, as faith in God, angels, books, and apostles. But the phrase "destiny" refers to the implicit faith in the other day, where God will judge every man for what he has offered. "The Messenger believed in what was revealed to him by his Lord and the believers, all who believed in Allah, His angels, His Books, and His messengers. We do not differentiate between any of His messengers. * The cow - 285

    Pillars of Islam

    As for faith, it is derived from the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): "The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: One does not believe until one believes in the amount of good and evil." Musnad Ahmad 6416

    1 - Belief in God and the acceptance of his Godliness and deity, Valerobip: To believe that God is one and not the second and is the Creator and found for everything and capable of everything and the qualities of perfection, which is not lacking in any way. The deity is that the conduct of all acts of worship, prayers and prayers to God alone is not a partner Do you know why Muslims do not eat pork?

    2 - Faith in the angels: They are creatures of God created from the light and are characterized that they do not disobey God and ordered them do what they ordered, they recruited God, who uses them in the conduct of the universe and the notification of the Apostles and the registration of works and others, for example: King of the Spirit (Jibril) And the king of the mountains said in the hadiths that the seven heavens in the breadth of the universe and beyond, there is no foot position except in it King Sajid and King kneeling to God Almighty ...

    3 - Believe in the heavenly books, such as the Torah, the Gospel, the Zubour, the Qur'an, and what we did not know from it, and that it was written by God, and to believe that the Qur'an copies all the previous books and cancels them because of the long distortion and change.

    4 - Belief in the Messengers: As Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad have the prayers and peace of God, they are human beings God suggests to them faith and religion to be communicated to the people, and must believe that their call was one on one approach the concept of the unity of God worship and that all the Apostles were saying to their people (worship God what you ). These five Apostles mentioned earlier are the Oulu of the Apostles (ie, the best and the most determined).

    5 - Believing in the Last Day: Believing that life will end in that day and that living organisms, such as animals, insects and plants, will become dust. As for humans, they will be transported to another short life in the grave called the Barzakh and then to the eternal life in which the believer is in paradise and In the fire and hell, and people are held accountable that the weight of their work and God tells them what they did individually, it was good deeds in that day, and it was bad deeds was evil, and it was said that God is one hundred mercy from the mercy of the world, And the beast shall have mercy on his son, and shall save ninety-nine wombs For the Day of Resurrection have mercy on her disobedient slaves.

    6 - faith in the extent: and the concept that God knows what was and what will be and if not (if it is how) and that it has a universe and legitimacy, Valkony is what God distracts the affairs of the universe such as death and life and rain and earthquakes and storms, and this amount may make God what is He is beloved to him and may make what he disobeys to him, such as persecuting the believers and disbelieving the disbelievers. As for the legitimate fate, it is the religion and worship that Allaah imposes upon His slaves to be the means of communication with Him. In the view of Islam, humans have absolute freedom in what they do except what was from the universal judiciary, such as health, disease, death and others, and also God knows their actions before they occur and does not force them to do it.
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