The call to Islam in the secret and public stages

    The call to Islam in the secret and public stages

    When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was ordered to report what he said to him from God Almighty, he initially called people secretly for three years. This was followed by a group of his relatives and friends whom Allah wanted to guide, including his wife Khadija and Ibn Abi Zaid ibn al-Awwam, Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqas, 'Abd al-Rahman ibn' Auf, and 'Abd-Allah ibn Mas'ud, may Allah be pleased with them all.

    Wisdom of the beginning of the secret call:

    The wisdom is that the invitation began to be secret; Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, came from a religion that people did not know about. If they were confronted with it at first sight, it would have prevented him from communicating with the people.


    When the words of Allah came down: "And warn your closest clan * And lower your wing to those who follow you from the believers * Your enemy said that I am innocent of what you do" and saying: "Vsdq what is ordered and offer the infidels," had taken the call to Islam manifestation of explicit frank and public announcement, And asked the son of Abi Talib to make them food and calls him built the demand when they met the offer of peace be upon him return on them, and renounce them to renounce their corrupt beliefs, and faith in God alone, were angry and boycotted his words and turned away from him.
    Muhammad did not despair and repeated the commandment of the feast again the next day, and he offered them the invitation by saying: "What I know of the people of the Arabs came to the people with the best I have come to you. I have brought you in the good of the world and the hereafter. May God have mercy on you to invite you. Command ".
    Perhaps the secret is to warn those close to the first, that the argument if it has exceeded them to others, in the sense that if called the closest people to the religion of God and the argument, there was no excuse for others.
    And when he did not find Muhammad peace be upon him there is acceptance of his close relatives turned to invite the people of Mecca all, and climbed Mount Safa and called O Quraish people gathered and seemed to invite them to the religion of God Almighty, said Abu Lahb, why did you gather us? Then Allah revealed to him: "The hand of my father shall be the flame of the fire, and the reward of what is wealthier than his money and what he earns. He will pray fire with fire.

    Some scholars believe that there is no difference in the call between its secret and public stage. The message of the Prophet Muhammad spread from the beginning and reached his closest relatives and friends. Friends continued to gain their friends and the circle gradually expanded until the invitation became public.
    The Quraish found no recourse to Abi Talib, the uncle of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), asking him to give up his nephew's son, but they saw his concern for him and his support for him. At that point every tribe started torturing one of the safest ones. That Bilal ibn Rabah may Allah be pleased with him threw in the sun burned and put a stone on his chest, and also met Yasser of the types of torment, he died of torment, but his wife toxicity was thickened to say to the father of ignorance, Vtnha in the heart with a spear was in his hand and died, The first martyr in Islam.

    Even the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him received the harm and humiliation, where the mother of beautiful wife of Abi flame receiving dirt in front of his house, peace be upon him, he removed with his hands, and Abi flame was cast on Muhammad peace be upon him during his prayer, the womb of a slaughtered sheep.
    God has avenged the Almighty of Abi flame and others who hurt the Messenger of God in this world and the other, it is said: The father of flame died in one of the skin diseases, the Arabs were disobedient and escape from it whenever it appeared.
    Thus, this period was one of the finest periods in the history of Islam and Muslims. These heroes were, for example, sacrifice, redemption, determination and determination. They beat people to sayings, and remembered the deeds of the noble people.

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