Suspicions about the Holy Quran

    Suspicions about the Holy Quran

    The Qur'an is the holy book of Muslims, and we Muslims
    believe and believe in keeping it from God. However, 
    there are some suspicions that are woven by non-Muslims
    and enemies of Islam about the Qur'an, and even about 
    Islam in general. In this article we will present to you
     a suspicion of this similarity , And respond in a manner
     tends to protest and resort to the owners of these suspicions,
     and this method of dialogue taught us the Prophet peace 
    be upon him, where he said: "I ordered to address people 
    as much as their minds."

    Suspicion about memorizing the Koran:

    This denial denies the Quran and does not believe that 
    the Qur'an has been preserved, as the Almighty says:
     "I am the one who brought down the masculine and we
     belong to him to keep." They say: The male may be part
     of the Qur'aan, not all of it.

    Reply to this suspicion:

    To answer this question, we ask:
    Why did God send messengers and bring down books?
    God has sent messengers and sent down the books of care 
    for his creation and kindness so that the calculation of them
     is just not equal to the optimizer with the abuser, 
    the Almighty said: "And there is no nation but a sinner in it", 
    "and we were tortured until we send an apostle," 
    " God is an argument after the apostles. "
    Before the seal of the letter and prophecy, the task
     of keeping the letter books was entrusted to the nations
     in which these messages were revealed, as part of their commissioning and test of their integrity in this commission. However, they were overly charged with keeping the books
     and the laws.
    As they distorted these books or forgotten each other 
    and hid the other, God sent a new messenger with
     a new book.

    Save message Conclusion:

    But when God wanted to seal the prophecy and the message,
     by the message of our master Muhammad to God,
    it was necessary to memorize the book of the final law
     of Hafez, it is not permissible for him to neglect or forget.
     Rather, it is necessary to memorize the final message.
     And he will come, and no messenger will send
     nor a book will come down. If that happens, 
    there is no care for the people, no argument against them.

    Therefore, the task of memorizing the final message
     (the Holy Quran) has moved to God Almighty.
     The promise of Allah is "We have descended upon 
    the male and I am for him to keep." The authority of Allaah
    is to recite the Qur'an from the Book of Revelation unless
     it is prepared for a previous book and make it a promise
     of divinity and divine achievement. "Do not move your 
    tongue to hasten by * We must collect and Koran *
     If the Koran followed his marriage *
     And then we have his statement."

    If it is not permissible in the mind, as well as the transport,
     it is said that the Qur'aan, which God preserves, is part
     and not all of it, because the loss of any part of the Qur'aan means neglecting God's care for His creation, Ask the people 
    of the male "IE the people of the previous books, 
    and God refers to the Koran and download the words
     of the male," that is only male and the Qoran shown. "
    The conclusion of the prophecy and the message means
    not to send a new messenger and the descent of a new book,
     and even the argument of God to worship the survival of the Qoran is preserved.

    History has ratified this divine preservation of the glorious
    Quran. Those who read the Torah know what happened
     after years of degeneration, as Ezra and other emancipation
     did, as well as those who contemplate the contradictions
     of the Gospels, even the famous ones, and compare 
    them with the famous ones, , The Dead Sea Scrolls,
     and the Gospel of Barnabas, and here is the Qur'an
    as it came down.

    We hope that the article has received
     your admiration and waited for us
     with the quasi-response.
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