Faith has different tastes.

    Faith has different tastes.

    Like life ..

    Sometimes it is tasteless, but it is necessary to continue life, like water ..
    And sometimes it is salty, like a sea you have to swim after the sinking of your boat, .. like your sweat when the effort and construction .. Like a sincere tear falling from your eyes the moment you face yourself really ..
    Sometimes it is bitter, .. like coffee in the consolation of your love, alert you and tighten your consciousness and you are at the top of your grief ...
    And sometimes it is acidic, like an orange grew in the shadow of a palm in my country .. Hamoudtha entraps and attracts you, as Tesrk and Ttzbk worship appeared to you first hard, and then found yourself gradually ..
    And sometimes it is like greasy taste, provides you with energy charges that you can not continue to live without ...
    Some of us did not taste any of these baits.
    Some of us did not know the bitterness of faith .. Perhaps he will be denounced originally that there is such a word .. Did not know the meaning of that bear in your chest what makes you see the world for what it is: pure false .. Did not know any bitterness will be on the tip of your tongue and your eye and all your world and you see People around you are engrossed in this fake ...
    Some of us did not know any taste of faith, did not know even the taste like water .. For him does not penetrate his stomach even a hair, how will know that there is a taste? ..
    But the top taste .. is the taste of "sweetness of faith" ... taste only comes across three ..
    "There are three who have found the sweetness of faith who God and His Messenger loved him than any other, and who love a slave who loves only God, and those who hate to return in disbelief after God saved him, as it is hated to be thrown into the fire"
    Sahih Bukhari 21
    These three, revolve around love and hate, about your passion when you are in their positive direction or the other direction .. opposite ..
    But your passion here will get you out of yourself completely .. just as happened with Omar in the right talk
    (We are with the Prophet - peace be upon him - he takes Omar bin Al Khattab, Omar said to him, O Messenger of God, you love me from everything but myself.) The Prophet said - peace be upon him - No, which I myself in his hand to be loved And he said to him: "Now, O God, do you love me from my soul?" The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Now, O Omar!"
    Always passion is centered on the ego .. But the emotion here exceeds the ego .. Relinquish it .. Through this displacement is generated "sweetness of faith" on the edge of your age and your life ..) (Bukhari 6632)
    To love Allah and His Messenger more than others means to love them more than yourself! "Others" do not require that you be a person, a particular cultural system, a certain doctrine, or a certain thought. More simple and more likely is to be "you" God and His Messenger, despite the nose of "Anak" This is an achievement inevitably .. But the talk is not about obedience .. but about love .. You can implement something and you hate him but you are fully insured with you.
    But love is deeper and stronger, to love God and His Messenger more than you love yourself .. and more than anything else ..
    But this love will be a standard for loving others too.
    Your love for them will be a spring from your love to Allah and His Messenger, .. from their proximity or after them Almighty, who loves you will wish they were closer to him more. Your expression of love will try to attract them to this love ..
    Not only others but also yourself, you will love yourself also to God, and hate God, love and hate in God will be your inner drive with yourself.
    This will be like a new type of oxygen that fills your lungs. You can not imagine letting go of it or abandoning it. It will look like shooting a fire that is devouring your oxygen before it devours you.
    The taste of sweetness, the taste of the sweetness of faith, can not be easily reached. It is like the taste in the end .. like the taste - the grand prize, due after passing through all the different tastes of faith.
    You can not taste the sweetness of faith except with these three.
    But you will not reach the three before going through all the taste .. Sometimes bitter ..

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