What do you know about Zakat?

    What do you know about Zakat?

    Zakat is a duty of the laws of God Almighty said:
     "And pray and pay zakaah."

    Definition of Zakat:

    Zakat in the language: is growth and increase.
    In Shari'a, it is a right that must be taken out of
     the money that reaches the quorum, on specific 
    conditions for a particular sect. It is a recommendation 
    to the same slave. Allah says: "Take from their wealth 
    charity that purifies them and rewards them."
     This is one of the reasons for solidarity among members 
    of the Muslim community.

    Ruling on Zakat:

    Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and one of its 
    five pillars. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah 
    be upon him) said: "Islam is built on five: a certificate
     that there is no God but Allah, that Muhammad is 
    the Messenger of Allah, and the establishment of prayer,
     All things are obligatory.

    The Wisdom of Zakat:

    Cleanse and develop the money, and bring the blessing,
     and protect it from pests and corruption.
    Purge the muzzy of slander and vinegar, and train him 
    to spend and spend for God.
    To comfort the poor and fill the need of the needy and disadvantaged.
    To achieve solidarity, cooperation and love among 
    the members of society, when wealth is given to his poor 
    brother Zakat money.
    That in its performance thank God Almighty for giving 
    the Muslim the grace of money, and obedience 
    to God and His Messenger peace be upon him.
    It indicates the sincerity of the believer's faith, because 
    the money is loved and does not come out except for 
    a more loving lover.

    The manners that we must have in charity 

    are: -

    1. Sincerity:
    And that we seek the face of God Almighty.
    Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    2 - that charity is a good reward:
    It means halal money, that is why it is accepted.

    3. To take it out:
    The believer who has reached the faith to the depth of his 
    heart always initiates the good, and honesty enters 
    the pleasure of the hearts of the poor, the orphans 
    and the needy.

    4 - to provide due to the desirable:
    If a person has to pay zakaah on it, then it is time for him 
    to offer it to charity that is desirable.

    5 - Selection of those in need of charity:
    The Almighty said: "But charity to the poor and 
    the poor and the workers and their hearts and the necks 
    and the Garmin and in the way of God and the path of
     the path of God and God knows wise."

    6 - Providing good money in charity:
    He said: "O ye who believe, spend the good things 
    that you have earned, and from which we have brought 
    you out of the earth, and ye shall not commit evil from Him, 
    you shall spend it, and you shall not take it unless you close it." .

    7 - Giving charity that man loves:
    He says: "You will not get righteousness until you spend 
    what you love."

    8 - Watch the grace of God on Motassadeq 
    and thanked:
    9 - Do not see Motassadeq for himself
    It means that al-Mutassadeq must not see for himself as well 
    as the poor and the needy.
    10 - not to disable charity to doubt the recipients:
    If he doubts the merits of the person in need of charity 
    and the student, is he poor or not? It does not invalidate

    11 - Presentation of the womb:
    If relatives are poor and needy, their rights are greater
     than others.

    12 - To be shortened Attiyah:
    Because the Muslim if the charity alms charity, 
    and the wonder of death and is frustrating to work.

    13 - not spoiled by men and harm:
    Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): 
    "O you who believe, do not invalidate your charity
     with pain and harm." Manna is to remind her and talk
     about her.

    14 - taking into account the interest 
    in giving charity or concealment:
    Mutassadeq must look at the interests and evils
     that result from giving charity or hiding it.

    15 - not to return in charity:
    If a person believes in charity, it is not permissible for 
    him to return and recover it from the one who took it.

    We hope that the article has won
     your admiration in the next article 
    and talk about the penalty of preventing 

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