The Prophets, as portrayed by the Qur'an and the Torah

    The Prophets, as portrayed by the Qur'an and the Torah

    One of the fundamental differences between the Qur'an
    and the Old Testament books is that the Qur'an presents 
    the path of the prophets pure and clean, worthy of their
     status and position, but refutes all false accusations and accusations that have been accepted by their ignorant,
     ignorant enemies.

    The books of the Old Testament included stories 
    and stories about the prophets on their merits, but 
    they were sometimes accused of kufr and others falsely.

    It was accused of peace be upon him in Genesis 9,
     and Noah in Genesis Genesis 19, and Harun peace
     be upon him in the Book of Exodus Chapter 32, and peace
     be upon him in the Book of the Sultans Chapter 11,
     infidelity and polytheism, and infidelity and immorality, 
    God Almighty And his messengers, peace be upon them,
     walked away.
    These accusations in the Old Testament, but in 
    the Quran has described Noah peace be upon him, 
    the Prophet said, "peace on Noah in the worlds."

    And he says of Lot, peace be upon him, "And Lot
    I brought him judgment and knowledge and saved him
     from the village that was working evil, they were 
    the people of evil sinners * And introduced it in our mercy
     that it is righteous."
     The Torah applauded the prophet Aaron as an
    explicit accusation of worshiping the calf, and this is 
    the text as mentioned in the Torah:
    "And Aaron said to them," Take away the gold earrings 
    that are in your ears, your sons and your daughters, 
    and bring them to me. "So the people took off the earrings
     in their ears and brought them to Aaron, and he took 
    them from them and made them a calf. "Tomorrow is a feast
     for the Lord," he said.

    But the Qur'an denies this false accusation 
    and denies it to Aaron, and proclaims his call for
     unambiguous unification:
    "And Aaron said to them before, O my people, 
    but Vtntm him and your Lord Rahman Follow me
     and obey my order."
    The Bible says about the prophet Solomon
    peace be upon him: "When Solomon was older,
     his women were jealous of his heart to another god, 
    and his heart was not as true to God as his father's heart." Solomon followed the "son of Peter" and "Malcolm" Ammon, and Solomon committed the ugliness before
     the LORD, and the LORD did not follow David like
     his father. " 
    Read also:

    The Torah follows:
    "The LORD was angry with Solomon, and his heart
     turned away from the LORD, the God of Israel, 
    who appeared to him twice, and forbade this speech to 
    follow the gods of strangers.

    As for the Qur'an, it is mentioned in Surat S, on the sincerity
     and slavery of Solomon (peace and blessings of Allaah 
    be upon him)
    "And we gave to David Solomon, yes, the servant,
    He says after a few lines:
    "And he has us to Zlfi and good Maab."

    The Qur'an is purified of Jesus Christ:

    The Quran also refuted the accusations that were
     committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and his mother, 
    the Virgin Mary, peace be upon her, and a picture 
    of Christ as a good and blessed messenger.
    "The angels said, Mary, that God will tell you a word 
    from him whose name is Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary,
     and good in this world and in the Hereafter and from
     those close to Him. He will speak to people in
     the cradle and calamity and from the righteous"
     (Al-Imran, Verse 45-46).
    "He said," I am Abdullah, who brought me to
     the book and made me a prophet. He made me blessed, 
    wherever I was, and commanded me to pray and Zakat 
    as long as I was alive.

    This is the fundamental difference between the Quran
    and other newspapers, which the owners believe is reserved
     and not distorted.
    The timeless contents and instructions contained in 
    the Holy Qur'an and unique to them from the old
     newspapers are a great aspect of its miracles, beauty and comprehension.

    So after this talk claims who claims that the Quran 
    is quoted from the old newspapers, who claims that it is
     only ignorant of the Quran and ignorant of the old
     newspapers themselves, that what contained the Quran
    quoted from the science of God, and no means to see
     it and no source issued 
    by the whim Allah.
    Therefore, it is a right that is identical to reality, free 
    and innocent of any mixing or measurement, it came
     to expose the distortions of the previous newspapers,
     and the fabrications of Jews accusations against
     the infallible prophets, and true origin of what was 
    revealed from God and be dominant and narrator.
    "We sent down the book to you in truth, verifying it to
     the hands of the Book, and controlling it, so judge among
     them, as God revealed and did not follow their desires."

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