The Age of Prophecy Worship and revelation

    The Age of Prophecy
    Worship and revelation

    The sources did not mention any details about the length 
    of time spent by the Prophet (peace and blessings of 
    Allaah be upon him) after marrying Khadija to his mission
     which is fifteen years. However, the sources indicate that
     the revelation came to our master Muhammad at 
    the age of forty, , And most of the accounts agree that 
    the Prophet and before the revelation of the revelation
     was worshiping in the cave of Hira, leaving a period
     of interruption of meditation and worship.

    The most important historical facts about 

    the revelation phase:

    When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be
     upon him) reached the age of forty, God sent mercy to
     the worlds, and the first revelation of the revelation was
     in the true vision during his sleep, then the emptiness 
    and the monopolization of himself. He was free of himself
     in the cave of Hira, worshiping in a number of nights 
    until the revelation came. That the Prophet was the first 
    revelation came to him who heard him calling him without 
    seeing anything, and went on, even mentioning that to Mrs. Khadija his wife, he said: "I feared that he had offered me something, she said: What is that?" He said: I was afraid,
     she said: "And it was not to do you worse to believe the talk, 
    and up to the uterus, and lead the Secretariat," and then took
     him to the paper Ben Nofal, Fatmanh He asked him to
     remain silent until he heard what he was saying, 
    and Khadija saw his prophecy. He sat in the cave of
    Hira for a month to worship the habit of the tap, and he
     fed the one offering the Kaaba and roamed it seven times,
     then returned to his house.


    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him
    was still worshiping in the cave of Hira until the revelation
     of him, who was forty years old in the month of Rabee
     I and was said on the 17th of Ramadan. This month he 
    went out to the cave as usual, until the night that God
     honored him with his message. On the night of Saturday 
    and Sunday night, until he came to the message on 
    Monday in the seventeenth of Ramadan, and gathered
     the news that the first thing came down on the Prophet
     peace be upon him from the Koran is Al-Alaq, where
     Gabriel landed on him in the cave of Hira, and said to
    him: The Prophet said, "I am not a reader." Jibreel added a
     strong seal and then sent it. He said to him, "I read." 
    The Prophet said to him, "What am I reading?" Then he
     sent him, and said to him, "Read." The Prophet said, 
    "I am not a reader." Then he added it to the third time 
    and sent him. He said to him, "Read." The Prophet 
    (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Create *
     Create man from the suspension * Read your Lord and 
    Akram * Who taught the pen * Science of man unless
     he knew.
    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)
     recited, and Jibreel turned away from him, and the 
    revelation of the Prophet was interrupted for a while until
     the Prophet was saddened by it, and he was so saddened 
    that the head of the mountains came repeatedly. Whenever
     he came to the peak of a mountain, Gabriel began saying
     to him, "You are a prophet" So his soul returns to himself.

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