Heart and faith education

    If the mind is the one who drives the person,
    mental knowledge alone would have been sufficient
     as a motive for behavior, but that is not so. 
    With the importance of knowledge and its necessity 
    as a key gate to achieving slavery and then righteousness, 
    it is not enough to change behavior.
    Because the one who orders voluntary movement within man 
    is the heart, not the mind.
    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) 
    said: "It is not in the body that there is a prostitute if
     the whole body is reconciled, and if the whole body 
    is corrupted, then it is the heart."

    This heart is attracted by two forces:
     "the power of passion"
     and the tendency of the soul and desire, 
    and the power of "faith" or (ratification and reassurance) including the mind of ideas and convictions, and the forces
     at the time of decision is the one who seized the will, 
    and directs the decision in his favor.

    * Faith is the motive for positive behavior "and those
    who magnify the rituals of God, it is the strength of hearts."
    * Hawa is the motive for negative behavior "If they do not 
    respond to you know that they follow their whims."

    When faith weakens:

    The weaker the faith, the greater the desire for love,
     because the area of ​​the heart is one; it has serious negative
     effects, which increase and decrease according to
     the degree of weakness of faith.
    The effects of weakness of faith: Because you may find 
    a lot of people talk about values ​​and ideals, and ethics,
     but practiced contrary to what he talks about, and sometimes 
    find him and has seen the narrowness of the situation and reality, but can not change because his passion has taken control of his
     will and seized.
    The time of relics is also weak: the sense of responsibility 
    towards religion and the issues of the nation, including the weakness of brothers in God, including the intensity of human concentration in the world, and other effects of weak faith.

    Faith Makes Miracles:

    Whenever the forces of faith automatically improve behavior
    the distance between saying and doing is approached,
     and how not and living faith always generates energy, 
    and a driving force to perform various righteousness 
    as time and circumstances dictate.
    The faith is the blessed tree that always bears good fruit.
     "Have you not seen how God, for example, has struck
    a good word as a good tree with a firm root and branch
     in the sky?

    Harith Secretary:

    The living faith strengthens the inner mind to act as
     the vigilant watchman who watches his companion 
    and drives him to the work of good deeds, and after him
     from sin and suspicion, and does not let him participate 
    in an absence or an accusation, to pay him to investigate 
    the truth and treat him,

    Faith and Problem Solving:

    The stronger the faith in the hearts, the less and 
    the problems between the people, because all human 
    problems stem from the worship of the soul and desires, 
    stemmed from selfishness ... stemmed from the limited
     limited consideration ... stemmed from the love of
     the presidency ... and faith can overcome all this 
    and make the nation a new nation .

    Standing vigilance:

    The more powerful the faith and enables the light of 
    the heart increased the state of vigilance and attention to us ...
     This situation is that will make our treatment with God not
     with others, when we give charity to the poor feel that God
     is the one who took them "do not know that God accepts repentance from his slaves and take alms.

    Targeted for faith education:

    The near goal that faith education should achieve is to
     increase the faith in the heart so that it transcends love, 
    increasing the faith in the heart to the degree that awakens 
    it from its stupidity and makes it in a state of vigilance and attention, which the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings
     of Allah be upon him) said: From the house of vanity, 
    and to prepare for death before coming down. "

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