Comparative study between the Holy Quran and the previous heavenly books

    Comparative study between the Holy Quran and the previous heavenly books
    That the people who believed in the era of the Muhammadiyah, and still believe now, or pretending to believe, that the science of the Koran quoted from the newspapers of the Torah and the Gospel, and that they are not only ignorant of the Bible and the Bible themselves, the Koran Torah and the Bible are still present so far , And the Torah and the Gospel according to the doctrine of the Jews and Christians, reserved movable accredited, and it is not easy today to balance between the Koran and these newspapers, and to criticize in the light of this budget call for the preservation of these newspapers and health in scientific criticism.

    The story of Sidna Yusuf - peace be upon him - in the Koran and the Torah:

    We choose the story of Sidna Yusuf as an example to explain the difference between the Qoran and the Torah, and it is detailed in both sources.
    I mentioned the story in the Torah in which there are many superfluous verses of the Holy Quran, most of which include the names of the people and the detail of historical accounts. In chapter 3 of the Jews, it is said that no one should read a human being except to bow his head shyly and shyly. , And not worthy of the place of our master Joseph and his prophecy.

    As for the Qur'an, the story is mentioned, and in it there are some important molecules for the events that were missed by the Torah.
    1 - The sermons of our master Joseph in the expression of the vision of the two captive men, which is a wise prophetic speech, which is reflected in the rhetoric of our Lord Joseph, and moral beauty, which was deleted from the Torah.
    2 - The Quran mentions that Aziz Egypt when he saw the vision in a dream, and heard the interpretation of Joseph to him sent to remove him from the age, but our master Joseph did not rush and get out of prison easily, but he felt it is necessary to achieve innocence and to deny the reason for which the prison, So that it does not appear that his departure from prison was due to the authority of the Sultan, but to his ignorance of what he was accused of, and this is true to the right of our master Joseph, and indicates his intelligence and his prey, which is not mentioned in the Koran.
    3 - that the talk of the Prophet Jacob peace be upon him in the Torah does not have that prophetic survey, weighing between the Bible in the Bible and the Koran in the Holy Quran, you find in the Koran a good servant entrusted to God, see everywhere and in every incident God's hand will behave .
    4 - The Holy Quran mentions that Joseph peace be upon him when he met his father in Egypt and his poor brothers, his heart was filled with praise to God. Thank you, and the pure slavery burst in. Thank God Almighty and invite him. This wonderful scene is silent about the Torah and passing through it.

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