What you should know from the provisions of wudoo

    What you should know from the provisions of wudoo

    It is a water purification related to washing the face,
    hands, feet and head.

    Guide to the legitimacy of wudoo '.
    The validity of ablution has been proven in three of the evidence:
    1 - The Holy Book: The Almighty said: "O ye who believe
    if you come to pray, wash your faces and hands to
    the facilities and sweep your head and legs to the ankles.
    2- Prophetic Hadith: It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah
    (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Prophet
    (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    "Allah will not accept one's prayer if he does so until he does wudoo '."
    3 - Consensus: The consensus of scholars on the
    legitimacy of wudoo 'by the Messenger of Allah
    peace be upon him to this day.

    • The virtue of wudoo '.
    • Ablution is a collection of virtues which are as follows:
    • That he commits minor sins.
    • It's a solution to holding Satan.
    • He considered half of faith.
    • Ablution is a light for the slave on the Day of Judgment.
    • It is the mark of this nation's distinction at 
    • the time of the flood of the basin.
    • It is a way to paradise.
    • Raise the degrees of the slave.

    The duties of wudoo '.
    1. Intention.
    It is the evocation of the heart for the future work of
    the slave in order to bring him closer to God, and
    the intention is replaced by the heart and there is
    no presence to let the tongue out, he said peace be
    upon him but acts with intentions.
    2 - Swamp and inhalation.
    The bite is to introduce water into the mouth and move it.
    Inhalation is to attract water in the nose.
    3 - Washing the face.
    The washing of the face is between the hairline to
    the upper chin long, and between the ear fat casually,
    the Almighty said, "O you who believe if you pray,
    wash your faces."
    4 - Wash hands to the elbows.
    5 - wiping the whole head with the ears.
    6 - Wash the two legs to the ankles.
    7. Ranking.
    8. Prostitution.

    The member shall be washed immediately after it has
    been accepted without delay.

    What is Sunan wudoo '?
    1- Name.
    2 - Sawak.
    3 - Washing the hands three times in the first wudoo '.
    4 - exaggeration in the swab and inhalation of non-fasting.
    5 - Present the left on the left.
    6. Washing organs three times.
    7 - pickling the thick beard.
    8. Massage the organs well.
    9. Ticking fingers and feet.
    10 - Increase in washing on the premises.
    11. Water use economics.
    12 - Supplication after wudoo '.
    "I bear witness that there is no God but God alone and no
    partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is his slave
    and messenger.
    13 - Praying two rak'ahs after wudoo '.
    It is makrooh for the imam to leave one of these Sunnahs
    so that he will not be deprived of his reward.

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