The trap of Godliness and its manifestations in the Islamic nation

    The trap of Godliness and its manifestations in the Islamic nation

    Some may be surprised that there is a rapprochement in the Muslim nation, 
    and the Muslim does ignorance, and we see a clear demonstration in various
     areas of Muslim life:
    1 - The belief of many Muslims that there are parents and righteous have
    a certain amount of behavior in the lives of people, they give and prevent, 
    Yolon and isolate, harm and benefit, and this belief a clear manifestation of
     the trap of God, because of the belief in disposition and management in
     the universe to God Almighty .
    2 - The belief of many of those affiliated with science that the lives of the parents
     and the righteous acted after their death, and spread this belief and established in
     the hearts of many Muslims, until the tombs and tombs became the refuge of every
     afraid and hospital of each patient.
    3 - Awe of the jinn and fear of them, and the distress of them, and offering offerings to
     them, such as slaughtered on the doorstep of houses when the completion of
     construction, this is a trap of ribbons, to believe that the jinn are actions beyond
     the will of God and management.
    4 - The sanctification of the sheikhs of Sufis, Sufi and sorcerers, and obedience
     to them in non-obedience to God, and obeying His Messenger peace be upon him,
     this submission and absolute obedience and full delivery to them is a trap in
     the Almighty God.
    5 - Subjugation to the non-Muslim rulers, and submission to them, and obedience
    without coercion them to them, where they ruled wrongly, and made them
     haraam, and denied them the halal, Vtahm them in all this and did not deny them.

    Great Shirk:

    Is to take the slave to God equal in his Lordliness or divinity or qualities and names.
    It is the greatest sin, and it is the greatest sin that Allaah disobeys.

    Sections of the Great Shirk:

    1 - The polytheism in the godhead:

    Which is to make for God other than share in the king and management,
     or creation or livelihood.
    2 - Shirk in names and attributes:
    Is to make God Almighty who is similar to Him in names and attributes,
     or describes God Almighty with some of the attributes of His creation.
    3 - Shirk in divinity:
    It is a belief that non-God deserves to be worshiped.


    There are two types of disbelief: - Kafr Akbar, and Kufr Asghar.
    The greatest disbelief: -
    Is positive for eternity in the fire, and has five types: -
    1 - Kafr denial:
    This is the belief of the apostles, peace be upon them.
    2 - Kafr Abba and condemnation:
    He is to be aware of the truthfulness of the apostles and of what they have come to,
     but he refuses to lead them astray.
    3 - disbelief:
    It is hesitation and not to confirm the truth of the Apostles.
    4 - Kafr symptom:
    Which is the total rejection of religion, to show his mind and heart of the
     Apostles' ratification and what they came to them peace.
    5 - Kafr hypocrisy:
    It is to show faith and bury disbelief.

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