The scourge of worship

    Abdullah bin Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him: "Everything is a scourge, and the scourge of science of forgetfulness, and the scourge of worship laziness"
    Human in the month of Ramadan is high and shaved
     high in the atmosphere of reverence and purity, and then
     quickly go to the ground after Ramadan, according to 
    what it was before Ramadan.
    One performs Hajj and Umrah and breaks the covenants
     with his Lord. As time passes, these promises go out
     and get lazy.
    The man is determined to memorize the Qur'an, and it 
    lasts for a month or two, then stops and forgets what he 
    memorizes, and his return becomes difficult again.
    This is one aspect of laziness in worship, which begins
     with the slave and until he leaves it and the death of
     worship, spirit and body, the human stops and does
     not preserve them.
    Satan targets the slave when he sleeps. It is the most
     common case in which a person is less active, 
    and the lack of movement and the devil is closer 
    to man in this case, but the stronger is because man
     is weaker in this case.
    The enemy will attack the night and stay at the house 
    of Khishum, and he will hold the three contracts that 
    the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) 
    told him.
    And the lazy soul or its activity throughout the day 
    depends on these three nodes, and if the person jumps
     dawn or before dawn, the devil and the devil turned
     into a knot, if he rose from his bed and wudge resolved
     the second node, and if the superiority of the enemy
     prayed and disbanded the third and last node,
     and abolished the devil's hand and rescued the slave 
    from the trap of Satan And became active body good self.
    The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah
    be upon him) said: "The Shaytaan is held on the rhyme
     of the head of one of you. If he sleeps three knots, he hits
     the place of every knot. You have a long night that is lost. 
    Good self, otherwise become malignant soul lazy. "
    This talk shows that you are in front of a daily onslaught 
    of the devil, which targets your sources of strength, 
    paralyzing your will from the ground, and you must 
    resolve the battle of the day from the first hour, either 
    raise the banner of surrendering with your cable and
     ignoring the mention of God, or take the swords and
     launch arrows of vigilance in an attack of faith Against 
    the enemy.

    Rise and Fall:
    The human soul refuses to go at a single pace, that the 
    soul is full, and the devil lurks, and the paradise is 
    fraught with envy, and the wise man makes moments
     of coldness, restlessness, where he sniffs, and wails
     himself in them.
    The knowledge of the nature of the soul and its policy 
    especially in the seasons of laziness and forgiveness is
     the greatest thing that helps you to face your weakness
     and reduce your loss, so God saves you from two great
    1 - long laziness, which deprives you of the good a lot,
    followed by the loss of the bliss of paradise.
    2- The laziness that leads to falling into Haraam means
     that long laziness leads to the person committing a sin or negligence in a duty. Therefore, laziness is a warning sign 
    of falling into Haraam things. You must recognize this 
    warning to block the path of the devil and keep your
     heart alive.
    Therefore, one of the objectives of this letter was to 
    reduce the coldness to its lowest level and to know how 
    to deal with it and expel it at the earliest opportunity.

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