The religious situation in Hijaz before Islam

    The religious situation in Hijaz before Islam

    The Arabs of the Hijaz, like the rest of the other peoples,
    worshiped the gods, and thought about the presence
    of power over them with power and authority.
    They tried to bring them closer to them and put names and recipes on them. The religion of the Arabs of Hijaz was a result of long development.
    Their religion was idolatry, worship of stones and trees,
    They worship it for its own sake, but consider it the houses of God.
    Makkah is the heart of the Hijaz, where the house of
    God is the sacred Mecca, built by Ibrahim and his son Ismail.
    This house, which did not respect the idolaters of Makkah
    and made it the house of idols and tyrants, reached sixty-eight
    people who came from everywhere to pray. ,
    And people within the Hijaz were not on one religion
    but were scattered over different sects and doctrines.

    The pagan Arab origin and manifestations.
    It is almost common among the people of the biography that
    the people of the Arabs were on the religion of Abraham before
    the pagans infiltrated them and were protesting to
    the Holy House of God for the closeness and worship of
    the one God, but how and when did the Arabs turn to idolatry,
    and what is the origin in their worship of idols and what are
    the manifestations of idolatry?

    The historians differed about the origin of idolatry.
    It was said to be local, and it was said that it came from abroad.
    Those who said that it is local believe that the people of
    the dead wanted to commemorate their death and
    opened up to them until they became worshiped.
    And the reason for the worship of the Arabs idols and stones,
    that he was moving moving from Mecca only carrying
    a stone of the stones of the sanctuary and revered,
    and they toured by sensing the tawaaf of the House of Haraam,
    even to them that they became worshiped after
    they were the religion of Abraham peace be upon him.

    The most prominent manifestations of paganism
    among the Arabs.
    1 - sanctification of trees and places and material objects.
    The Arabs believed that the souls dwell in the trees,
    which led them to sanctify these trees, and not to catch
    any harm to them or cut them out of fear of the spirit
    which they were given, and they offered sacrifices
    to them and take holy sanctuary to pray for them.
    The most famous of these trees, the palm of Najran,
    A feast every year, and a tree with a medallion.
    2 - worship planets and celestial bodies.
    The human being is puzzled in front of the sky,
    believing that a hidden power dominates this existence,
    and that in the heavenly bodies, which makes it gods
    or half-goddess of life and death, it is worthy of worship and honor,
    and the sun is the first of those celestial bodies seen by man,
    In different places and times.

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