The nation's urgent need for education

    The nation's urgent need for education

    Praise be to Allah, Glory be to God, our nation and its mission
    to Islam. This is a great virtue for every Muslim in this nation.

    This great blessing requires the sons of the nation two great
    The first: - To perform the costs of the message in themselves.
    The second is to work on conveying this message and
    communicating it to the people throughout the land,
    and to exert their utmost efforts in this endeavor,
    and strive to reach out to those who can reach it from the
    people in the land and the majority, so that they will be saved,
    God willing. If the Day of Resurrection, the sons of the nation of
    Islam in each era, testified before God Almighty to the people
    of their time to the extent of acceptance or rejection of faith
    contained in the letter.

    Good hidden: -
    Most of them are good hidden in their being, but they
    need someone who is better to address this good,
    to extract it and to show it, and a few of them are
    the criminals who want it to be arrogant and arrogant in
    themselves, and in the interest of their privileges.
    You are proud and you are criminals. "

    Perhaps the story of Moses peace be upon him confirms that,
    both Pharaoh and the witch had seen the stick turn into
    a great life, the security of the magicians did not believe Pharaoh,
    to show the difference in the cause of disbelief clear,
    that the magicians had prevented them ignorance
    of faith in God, when they saw the great verse surrendered
    and Muslim,
    "They said to us in the Lord of the Worlds
    * the Lord of Moses and Aaron."
    As for Pharaoh, the reason for his disbelief was his crime and
    his greatness and his concern for his interests.

    And when she believed Balqis Queen of Sheba after the call
    of Solomon peace be upon her, and see the verses of the
    glamor, and it was before and its people worship the sun;
    the Koran shows the cause of disbelief and it arose among
    the disbelievers, which was ignorant of the truth so when
    the invitation and saw the verses believed,
    "and repelled by She worshiped without God that she
    was of the infidel people. "

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