The fate of women in Islam

    The fate of women in Islam

    Whenever we return to the biography of the Prophet, 
    we find what was the status of women in Islam,
     and guaranteed by the rights of Islam, and had an 
    estimated personality and impact calculated in the biography
     of the Prophet.
    When the words of Allah came down to his prophet and 
    warned your closest relatives, the Messenger of Allaah
    (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ascended to 
    Safa and called, "O sons of Abd al-Muttalib, buy yourselves 
    from Allah. Safiya is the Messenger of Allah and Fatima is
     the daughter of the Messenger of Allah. , Salani from Mali 
    what you like. "
    It is enough to bring one of her people to tell her, and does 
    not mention her name in front of people, but it is said or so 
    or so wife or daughter so, these are all manifestations of
     the people today with women, which is not related to Islam, Women in the early days of Islam knew the value, calling on 
    the head of the certificate Vtlby appeal, and there is nothing to denounce this.
    Umar ibn al-Khattab was the first one to convert to Islam. 
    When he learned of her Islam, she turned to her and said to him: 
    "O Omar, that is right in the jealousy of your religion, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.
    It is narrated in al-Bukhaari that a dignified woman used to 
    make a feast on the day of the congregation to attend it as he wished. After Friday prayers, the Sahaabah would go to him 
    and throw peace upon her and take food. In the present age,
     if a woman does this,
    This treatment of women in the modern era has made 
    intellectuals in the modern era attacked the religious heritage 
    and think that it is the reason for the ignorance of women, the digestion of their status, and the denial of their material and 
    moral rights. However, the instinct was adopted and confirmed
     by the revelation in the Islamic era. Save women their status.

    Is Islam spoiled women?

    One woman says: Islam has digested women by making
     a man divorce his wife when he comes, and it becomes a
     whip in his hand a power to humiliate him.
    We say: The man says that Islam has spoiled women by 
    making her the right to take off her husband and leave 
    the house whenever she wishes.
    The tradition of the East and the common customs behind
     it are behind this intellectual injustice. The man thinks 
    that the stewardship means the presidency, which makes 
    him impose his control without dialogue or understanding.
     This understanding of the concept of presidency has
     overthrown the East politically and socially, and harmed 
    the state and the family houses.
    The concept of the right presidency in Islam means 
    the excess responsibility, and in the Muslim family is a set of mutual rights and duties, said the Koran "and you like the good 
    and the men on them degree" and the basis of dealing love 
    and right and justice and creation Zaki.
    In Surat Al-Talaq, we note that Islam has combined legislation 
    and moral education with practical judgments in psychological terms, but families have left the logic of religion and creation 
    and turned to law and justice.
    Societies in the East and West have agreed that divorce may
     be a psychological and social necessity, not a fall in 
    the hands of men, but may be a disobedience to women.
    There are some families that have made religion its members cohesive as if they were one person and there is no place for divorce between them.

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