The areas of Quranic miracles

    The greatest areas of Quranic miracle:

    1- The first miracle of the Qur'an is Islam:

    The Holy Qur'an presented to the world a last-ever Hidayat
    newspaper for religion and belief, which was not preceded by
    another newspaper in the strictness, detail and workmanship
    on the face of the earth. The previous religions were limited
    and limited to their peoples. The newspapers that carried them
    did not reach maturity.
    Because there is no Huda and Noor newspaper more than
    this newspaper in linking the relationship of the creatures
    with their Creator Almighty, and the greatest recommendation
    of souls, and purification of the hearts, and lift people from
    the misinformation and deviations that occurred in it
    Peoples and full of nations.

    It has also given human life a civil and moral constitution that
    guarantees the best moral and social results. It has achieved
    and practiced practice. It also miraculously resolves all
    the issues of the meeting and its problems and problems
    that humanity has experienced or may be exposed to in
    the future until the hour.
    It organizes human life all over the earth again, it is a divine
    newspaper so it is innocent of human blunders, human palaces,
    and human clutter, is the last newspaper so it is rich about
    every increase or supplement, it is a comprehensive global
    newspaper, Change or modify.
    "Today the disbelievers have despaired of your religion,
    so do not fear them, and I am afraid today. I have completed
    your religion, and I have completed my grace upon you,
    and I have given you Islam as our religion."
    Some of the scientific and intellectual solutions reached by
    the human mind after thousands of years of experiments,
    revealed by the Prophet in his Lord's Book 14 centuries ago,
    this constitution and this guiding paper, Islam, is nothing but
    the making of the wise, a model of wisdom, knowledge
    and appreciation.
    As the rules of Islam, its origins and its colleges are derived
    from the Holy Quran, it is issued by it. The Qur'an is
    the one presented to the people and presented to them,
    which is one of the greatest miracles of the Qur'an.

    2 - The second miracle of the Koran is science and knowledge:

    The second miracle of the Qur'an is that of the vast sciences
    and knowledge, the facts and the subtle secrets that emanate
    from that book, each of which deserves to be a miracle in its
    own right. As the science of man evolves and maturity is
    revealed, ignorance and mystery are revealed. It is not
    sufficient for the greatness of the contents of the Qur'an
    to suffice.
    That the Qur'an carries in its inevitable and categorical and
    eternal in the facts of the Koran, and this determinism
    and eternal characteristics of the flag of God, and
    the Quran is saved from God does not address the eternal
    and inevitable thing.

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