Self and the need to thank them

    Self and the need to thank them

    What is self?

    It is from the nature of it that it always aspires to achieve 
    what it desires and wants, and wants to have luck and share
     in all the work done by man without looking at the
     consequences of that, the Almighty said, "The soul is bad,
    and it does not order Bad for the love of bad in itself, but
     thought of the possibility of obtaining lust from him.
    The self has the possibility of debauchery and tyranny if left 
    by the owner without taming and upbringing and follow-up,
     and also have the ability to take revenge and adaptation if it 
    is taught and Zakat "and the same and others * Vhalhmha
     Fjorha and strengthen."

    Sections and self-interest:

    The self is always inclined to gather desires, these desires 
    are divided into two parts:
    1 - clear section.
    2 - hidden section.
    The obvious desire: the pleasure of food, drink and others ...
    Hidden lust: This is the pleasure resulting from the praise 
    and praise of people, as well as the sense of superiority
     and excellence over others, and high status, and progress
     on them.

    Hidden lust:

    Therefore, the soul is the stumbling block between us and 
    God Almighty, and God created them with these qualities 
    to test the extent of our bondage to him, because without 
    its existence, the slave found no trouble in doing obedience, 
    and devotion to God Almighty.
    That the desires of the clear self have been set by Sharia 
    and defined in terms of halal, haraam, permissive and hated, 
    it is easy for the owner of faith to abide by these controls.
    As for the hidden desires, he warned against it, but many
     people do not pay attention to this warning, because the
     hidden desire is most precious and the soul loves the
     obvious desire.
    The seriousness of self-satisfaction and admiration:
    The satisfaction of self and admiration of the diseases 
    of the hearts, which frustrates the work inherent to him,
     and displays the owner of God, he said, peace be upon 
    him "regretted waiting for mercy, and wonder waiting
     for the abuser."
    What is surprising:
    "When you see that you have something that is not 
    owned by others, and that you prefer them to you, you
     may wear it with wonder. When one sees that he has
    self-interest, he can use it, And to achieve what he wants
     it may wear wonder.

    Why does wonder frustrate work?

    God Almighty does not accept anything but what was
     pure to his face, and used by the Almighty for his
     performance, while the admirer uses himself more than
     he uses God, Ibn Taymiyyah said: "The admirer himself
     does not achieve your help, and the Marai does not 
    achieve you worship," and the wonder frustrates the
     work The good that he needs because it is contrary
     to sincerity to God Almighty.

    What if mental education is neglected?

    When one neglects to recommend oneself, it is expected
     to appear, and the circle around it has many negative effects.
     These effects vary from person to person according to
     the degree of neglect of self-recommendation. The best
     to speak.

    Psychological Education:

    It is necessary to recommend the soul and raise it to slavery
     to God Almighty, and psychological education aims to 
    achieve self-denial, and the exercise of humility automatically
     and non-trivial, and also aims to be one himself small, 
    and to see all the best of them, as Imam al-Nawawi: 
    "No If you see a sinner, do not see yourself on it. Perhaps
     it is in the knowledge of God that you are higher than you, 
    and you are one of the sinners, and he will intercede on 
    you on the Day of Judgment. "

    We hope that the article has earned your admiration.

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