Research in modern science

    Research in modern science

    The Muslim is better known to know the difference between the correct and
    the weak and the good and the subject, so as not to fall into the suspicions
    of some who want to rhythm Islam and Muslims and move the conversations
    set, in order to destabilize religion in the hearts of Muslims, today we will talk
    about the right talk.

    The correct Hadith for itself: -
    The correct language: - Against the poor, and the term: -
    What he called the transfer of justice justice officer like him to
    the end of non-anomaly and no bug.
    Cairo: -
    1 - The connection of the bond and means that all that Rao of Ruaat had taken
    from above him directly from the first bond to the end.
    2 - the justice of the narrators: - that is, every Raoat is a Muslim adult sane and non-punk
    Marwa Marwa.
    3 - control of the narrators: - that is, each of the narrators of the full control of
    the tuning and issued a book control.
    4 - Non - anomalies: - Anomalies is a violation of confidence to those who are closer to it.
    5 - Non-sickness: - The bug is a hidden thing in the health of the talk with the apparent safety
    of them.

    Ruling on the hadith of the hadeeth:
    It is an argument that must be followed by the consensus of the people
    of the hadith and by a number of fundamentalists and jurists.

    The proper Hadiths in terms of attribution and men: -
    The highest rank of the Marwa with the attribution of the correct Asanid,
    such as the novel of the owner of Nafi Ibn Omar.
    The second rank is that of a novel of the lowest rank, such as the novel Hammad
    bin Salamah from Thabet from Anas.
    And the lowest rank is the novel of those who are characterized by confidence,
    such as the novel Suhail bin Abi Saleh from his father from Abu Hurayrah.

    The correct Hadiths are general:
    1- What is agreed upon by al-Bukhari and Muslim, which is the highest rank.
    2 - is not alone Bukhari.
    3 - the only Muslim.
    4 - What was on their condition and did not graduate.
    5- It was not on the condition of al-Bukhaari and did not remove it.
    6- It was not on the condition of a Muslim and did not remove it.
    7 - It is true of other imams such as Ibn Khuzaymah and Ibn Hibbaan,
    and not on their condition.

    Example of the correct Hadith: -
    What was narrated by al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh said:
    "Abdullah bin Yusuf told us that Malik told us about Ibn Shihab about Muhammad
    ibn Jubayr ibn Ma`far from his father who said:
    I heard the Messenger of Allah
    (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) read in Maghrib in Tur."
    This is a saheeh hadeeth because:
    His bond is connected because every narrator hears directly from his sheikh.
    Rota amended.
    ROTA tuning.
    Narrated by the scholars of the wound and amendment: -
    Abdullah bin Yousef: - Excellent confidence.
    Malik bin Anas: - Imam Hafez.
    Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri: - Fakih Hafez agreed on his proficiency.
    Mohammed bin Jubair: - Trust.
    Jubair Bin Restaurant: - Sahabi.
    Talk is not abnormal.
    The talk is not a bug.

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