Quran miracle

    The Quran claimed that it is a miracle and challenged
    all human beings whose souls are glorified in faith,
    and the recognition that it is the Book of Allah,
    read the following verses:
    "If you are in doubt of what we have descended on our servant,
    come with a line of like him and pray your martyrs without
    Allah if you are truthful."
    Say: "Say," Say, "Bring a surah like him, and pray what you
    can without God if you are truthful."
    "If they are truthful, if they do not respond to you,
    then know that it is revealed with the knowledge
    of Allah and that there is no god but Him. Are you Muslims?"
    "Say:" If the jinn and the men gather together to come up
    with such words, they shall not come in his likeness,
    even if they were one to another. "
    "If they do not respond to you, know that they follow
    their whims and those who are misguided who follow
    their desires without guidance from God that God does
    not guide the wrongdoing people."

    Fields of Quranic Miracles.
    The Qur'an has challenged these previous verses to
    all polytheists and those who are afraid to come up with
    its example, and it can not be anything similar to the Koran
    unless it is similar in all areas of its miraculous
    characteristics and characteristics.
    It is known that the Holy Quran is not miraculous in
    its terms and structures, and its linguistic excellence
    and its moral eloquence, but it is miraculous in its words,
    meanings and contents, miraculous in its knowledge
    and knowledge, miraculous in its mysteries and eternal truths,
    miraculous in its religious, moral and social teachings,
    miraculous in its prophecies and news, And raised,
    if unable to bring his example in the words and structures only,
    how then permission to bring all areas of different miracles?
    And the mystery of the miracle of the Qur'an is the reason
    that it is "revealed by the knowledge of God" is a manifestation
    of the science of God, how to human that is coming with his
    mind missing hypocrisy? If man is not like God in his names
    and attributes? How can he be like him in his knowledge?
    But is revealed with the knowledge of God is the central
    point that shows that God is united in the character of his
    knowledge, as it is unified in all attributes of divinity,
    there is no peer and no peer, so how to bring such a book?
    And the scholars have asked them to bring the best of
    this book guidance, goodness and treatment of the hearts,
    "Say, bring a book from God is guided by them follow him if
    you are honest * And scholars of rhetoric whenever you
    meditate in the miracles of the Koran proved the accuracy
    of consideration and good observation and the beauty of
    taste is always useful.

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