Participation in social life

    Participation in social life

    There are historical events lived by the Holy Prophet
    Muhammad, peace be upon him, before the mission,
     had an impact on the composition of the characteristics 
    of his character, which flooded the human good and light
     and tender, these events are:

    1- The first trip to Syria:

    When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be
     upon him) reached the age of twelve years, Abu Talib
    went out to the Levant in commerce, and the Prophet
     (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) knew him 
    and did not want to go with him, so Abu Talib refused to 
    fear him for the hardship of traveling. Abu Talib 
    and accompanied him with him, when the convoy 
    arrived to Bosra from the land of the Sham seen a 
    Christian monk interrupted in his cell, named Bahiri or 
    Bahira, and saw the Prophet Mohammed signs of prophecy,
     asked Abu Talib to return to his country and to keep it from 
    the treachery of Jews , Abu Talib then returned to Mecca and 
    did not travel after that for fear of him.

    2 - Participation in the war of the ungodly:

    The infidels are several wars that took place in the months in 
    which fighting is prohibited. The Prophet (peace and blessings 
    of Allaah be upon him) participated in one of them. He was 
    fifteen years old and was among the Quraysh and those who
     were with them from Kenana. The reason was that a man
     from Kenana killed a taboo of Hawazin in the months And 
    in the market Okaz, when learned Quraish so hastened to
     protect him because of them, and initiated a balance to take revenge for killing, and the fighting between Quraysh and 
    Hawazin in the sacred month so called the war of the
    The prophet witnessed this war when his uncles took him out,
     and the prophet said he would return the dice from his uncles 
    when his enemies threw them.

    3 - alliance of curiosity:

    After the war of the infidel held the alliance of curiosity, 
    this alliance was held because a man from Yemen had 
    sold a commodity to the son of Wael Al-Soudi, this is
     the price of
     the price until he despaired, came to Mecca and told 
    about the darkness, met Quraish in Dar Abdullah bin 
    Jadaan and decided to support the oppressed of the 
    oppressor , And the members of this alliance categories 
    of Quraish 
    composed of Bani Hashim and Mutlab Bani Abdul 
    and Zahra bin Kallab and Tim Ibn a time, and the sons 
    Harith bin Fahd, has witnessed the Prophet peace be
     him this alliance.

    3 - His marriage to Khadija bint Khuwaylid:

    Khadija bint Khuwailid Ibn Abd al-'Uzzi Ibn Qusay was
     one of the most prominent women of her people and the
     most noble and most valuable. The sources indicate that
     she was sent to the Prophet to be subjected to marriage,
     even though many of his people's masters and masters
     wished to marry her. And the Prophet (peace and blessings 
    of Allaah be upon him) went to the Levant to trade Khadija
    which was his second trip to this country before the mission. 
    The story of his departure from the Khadija trade is as 
    When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon 
    him) reached the age of twenty-five, his uncle Abu Talib
     said to him: I am a man with no money for me, and the 
    time has come to us, and Khadija bint Khuwailid is sent
     to one of your people with her trade. Go and ask her to
     come out with her trade to the Levant. Including between Muhammad and his uncle Abu Talib, sent to our master Muhammad peace be upon him and asked him to go out with 
    her trade to the Levant and she will pay him twice what was
     paid to his people, and sent him a soft servant who saw
     the dignity of Muhammad like the cloud that was shadowing
     him and protect him Free sun, and made it safe for trade.
     The sources said that he offered to marry him through a
     friend called "Nafisa bint Menia", and Mohammed accepted
     the marriage and sent his uncle to address her uncle Amr ibn Assad, and when married by the Prophet peace be upon him 
    was at the age of twenty-fifth and Mrs. Khadija in forty years , And was the first wife married her, did not marry her until she
     died, and she was married twice before him, and the Messenger
     of Allah, peace be upon him of Khadija seven children in
     order: Qasim, Zeinab, Ruqaya, Fatima, Umm Kulthum, Abdullah, Tahir, All males died as young.
    This marriage formed an important spring in the life of
     the Holy Prophet. He believed in it as a prominent center in 
    the Makkah society.

    4 - Participation in the reconstruction 
    of the Kaaba:
    The sources mentioned that the Kaaba was built before Islam
    three times, the first time built by Seth son of Adam, and the second time built by Abraham peace be upon him, and the third time when the Quraish built five years before Islam, which prompted Quraish to build that Sila came from above the embankment, It is said that the Kaaba was a stone built on each other slightly higher than the height, and without a roof, they wanted to make it higher and to make it a roof, and gathered the tribes of Quraish stones to build, and rose construction until it reached the position The black stone, they differed who has the honor to put it in place The almost war that lies between them, 
    and finally agreed to arbitration the first entrants to them.
    He asked for a robe and put the black stone in it, and he called 
    upon each tribe to take a limb from it. When the black stone reached its place, he took it with his hand and placed it in its
     place. He stopped his wisdom with a dispute that almost led 
    to fighting among the tribes. , And this event led to the establishment of the status of the Prophet peace be upon him among the tribes, and appreciation and wisdom and 
    the well-being of his mind, especially that he signed
     before the mission five years.
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