Origins we must know

    First three assets.
    The first is the knowledge of the Lord:
    1 - God bless God Almighty, the Almighty said "God is the creator of everything".
    2 - Know the Lord of his signs and creatures, God said
    "and the signs of night and day and sun and moon."
    3 - God is the idol worthy of worship alone and has no partner, God said:
    "O people, worship your Lord who created you and those before you that you
    may be careful."
    Anything God created me? God created us to worship him, God Almighty said "and created the jinn
    and mankind only to worship."
    What is the worship of God? Worship and unite and obedience.
    What there is no god but Allah, meaning? It means that there is no idol but God.

    Second Origin Knowledge of religion: -
    Islam is the unification of God and His obedience.
    Islam is the religion that God has given to all people. Allah says:
    "I have given you Islam as your religion."
    Islam is the religion of good and happiness, the Almighty said:
    "Whoever wears his face to God is an optimizer.
    He has his reward at his Lord, and there is no fear for them, and most of
    them grieve."

    How many pillars of Islam? What are the?
    The pillars of Islam are five pillars, namely:
    1 - A certificate that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the
    Messenger of God.
    2 - Establishment of prayer.
    3 - Giving Zakat.
    4 - fasting Ramadan.
    5 - Hajj the house to those who could.

    The third source is the knowledge of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him):
    Our Prophet Muhammad is the son of Abdullah peace be upon him.
    God sent the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to all people to
    teach them Islam.
    We must obey the Prophet peace be upon him.
    The Almighty said, "And the messenger has not taken you, and you have
    taken him away, and have not stopped you."

    Principles of faith.
    Our Lord is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Allah says
    "Your Lord who created the heavens and the earth".
    God created man and the best creation, the Almighty said,
    "We have created man in the best calendar."
    God is the one who manages the matter, the Almighty says,
    "The matter is ordered from heaven to earth."
    God created the jinn and mankind to worship him.

    Islamic Religion: -
    Third Islamic religion: - Islam - faith - charity.
    Islam: - is to surrender to God by uniting, and to control him by obedience,
    and to get rid of polytheism and his people.
    Faith: - is to believe in God, his angels, his books, his messengers,
    and the Last Day, and the extent of good and evil.
    Charity: - is to worship God as if you see, if you did not see it, he sees you.

    Prophet Muhammad is the best prophet and their seal.
    We must love the Prophet peace be upon him, more than our mothers and
    We must obey our prophet.

    The meaning of the two certificates: -
    Testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is
    the Messenger of Allah.
    The meaning of the testimony that there is no God but Allah: -
    No worshiper except God.
    The meaning of the testimony that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah: - Believe what he told, and obedience to what is, and avoid what he forbade.

    What is the meaning of worship?
    All that God loves and wants from words and deeds.
    What types of worship?
    Types of worship, including prayer, prayer, fasting, fear, trust,
    righteousness parents, charity, and many others.

    Winners: -
    The Almighty said: - "And age * The man is lost in * only those who believe and do good deeds
    and pray for the right and patience."
    God has sworn by the age of time that man has lost loss and
    destruction only if he achieved these qualities:
    Faith: - the knowledge of God Almighty, knowledge of his prophet, and knowledge
    of religion.
    Good work: - Prayer, zakaah, fasting, charity and honoring parents.
    Call the truth: - the call to faith in God and good work.
    And patience: - patience to do acts of worship, and patience when the calamities.

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