Muslim women and community participation

    • Islam's view of women's social status:

     Islam's view of women's social status

    Islam was the religion of the vast majority of the population of the Islamic world, and one of the major factors in the movement of Arab Islamic civilization past, present and future, the rights of women in Islam, in that Sultan, and separated them to the Omran universe.

    The Qur'an has equated men and women with religious duties, responsibility, and reward and punishment, as it states in its arbitrator: "The arrival of a man is not what prevails in the highness of the merciful [Al-Najm, verses 41-39]. Man here includes both males and females of course.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also said: "Do not be a woman."

    And the equality in the tender and to approach her life and life, found, and Vrtqbt of the good and did not open it :) Whoever had a female did not feed her, and did not humiliate her, and touched her son on it, God introduced Paradise.


     Islam establishes the basis of women's masculinity, the relationship between men and women, the worker, the worker, life, and life

    Women's contribution to social and cultural 


    Our attention to the social and cultural role of women, to Wednesday in her life in the future, the child is a soft paste to accept the guidance and return, and learn about the images and customs and traditions, and the culture of the environment in which he lives, and Viharyo learns the principles of social life and sales and the dean.

    Women's care for their children and children, their children, their children, their children, their children, their children, their children, their children and their children. .

    All the child's care, care and development in the early years of his life,

    The role of women is not limited to this, but extends to the household economics of housekeeping and cleaning, food processing, distribution of household income to the contents of household expenditure, and sometimes the responsibility in the absence of the husband, his death, Inside the house outside.

    Women in ancient and modern times, backgrounds in Islamic societies - a line of light in all fields, was a queen, a judge, a poet, an artist, a writer, a jurist, a warrior, and a narrator of the noble Hadiths.

    So far, what can women be in human societies and their family, or be relevant to them? Women play a role in society that can not be overlooked or minimized.

    Women have a fatal relationship, but they may be known.

    All this necessitates that a role in her life be equal to her role in her home and not without prejudice to it, and here I affirm that my belief in the value of taking women into the role of women and children does not mean encouraging them to leave their homes. , You will find enough time for this and that.

    Women who are not paid by any work or husband are more likely than others to carry out this work. The vacuum is stupid and painful for the soul, before it is on others, and they need it.

    Perhaps women can exercise in society, opening women's associations, inquiring about the child, training in the delivery, and training the happy girls on a profession that can be in childhood, building spirit, mind and body, and later, which qualifies them for marriage, education, and so on.

    Dr. Asmaa Al-Ruwaishid said that women can be volunteered through community work, whether through the family or the community.

    She stressed not to encourage volunteerism, urged her to include it in the curriculum, and urged the retired woman to work in particular to integrate into volunteer work.
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