Mind and Cognitive Education

    Mind and Cognitive Education

    God created man and the earth, and allowed him freedom 
    of choice, and called him worship God, the Almighty said, 
    "And created the jinn and mankind only to worship."
    The essence of worship is the surrender of the servant to
     Allaah, the obedience of His commands, the permanence 
    and the use of Him and the trust in Him in all matters, 
    with His love, glory, magnanimity, prestige and fear.

    But how does man practice this image of slavery to 
    God Almighty and he does not see it?
    How does he magnify or inspire, fear, love or obey
     those who do not see him?
    The answer to these questions stems from the fact that God Almighty does not ask anyone for something above its
     power "does not cost God a breath but its power" so it 
    has prepared for man of the reasons and potentials that
     help him to perform his job as a slave to him, and through
     two great things:
    The first thing: that God Almighty has been deposited in the universe surrounding the human, but in the human itself and 
    a lot of information that is indicative of it.
    The second thing is that most of his repentance has given
     man the means by which he can gather that information 
    about his Lord so that he can know him and then worship

    The greater the knowledge of man, the more the treatment 
    of him changed, the treatment as far as knowledge, 
    and because the duties of slavery of love and fear
     and obedience and trust .. What are the transactions
     should be treated by the Lord, so the right starting point 
    to achieve slavery is the knowledge of God, The more one 
    treats his Lord the more he treats him, the more one
     becomes ignorant of his Lord whenever he distanced
     himself from his image.
    You, the human being, are the center of this universe, 
    everything revolves around you, works for you and 
    waits for your signal, your Lord moves the whole universe
     for you to change the scenes, and the heroes change so
     that you do not tire and to continue in your eyes and eyes,
     "God turns the night and the day into a" , And I opened 
    your eyes to the front and look at the kingdom of heaven 
    and earth, and enough given the bottom of your feet.

    Therefore, there is no great wisdom of creating reason is to 
    use it in the knowledge of God Almighty through 
    the reflection of his creatures and to know what
     information they carry him, "in the creation of the heavens
     and the earth and the difference of night and day
     and astronomy, which takes place in the sea, The heavens 
    are of water, and the earth is filled with it after its death, 
    and in it it is poured out of every beast, and the winds
     and the clouds that are mingled between heaven and earth
     are signs for those who understand. "
    When the mind becomes the place of knowledge and 
    knowledge, the real science that should be preoccupied 
    with the employee's collection is the knowledge of God 
    Almighty .

    Useful science: -

    The attainment of knowledge of God is the most important 
    goal of the creation of reason, and from this we make sure 
    that useful science is what leads to the achievement of 
    unification in word and deed, or in other words is what 
    leads to the improvement of treatment with God Almighty, 
    and to realize the goal of science we must remember 
    the very existence of man On the ground, which is the
     realization of slavery to God Almighty and the various
     meanings included, on her head obedience Glory and love
     and fear and longing to meet him.
    From here we say that the true science that should be 
    preoccupied with the mind is the science of God Almighty,
     and that any other science should be followed by him and
    starting from him.

    We hope that the example has been admired by your 

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