Learn about the Mecca concept

    Learn about the Mecca concept

    Concept of Haram
    It is said that the Haram is haraam for the people to be
    haraam so much of what is not haram in other places.
    It is not permissible to violate the sanctity of the Haram
    and to attack it, and the income from the Haram is safe
    and reassuring, and the land of the Haram was originally
    large and then narrowed and narrowed. Quraish and other
    idol worshipers, who were going to the Holy House because
    of the presence of idols in it.

    Wear the Kaaba: -
    The cover of the Kaaba is usually an old one that was
    used by the Arabs before Islam. It is mentioned that
    the first Kaaba in the Jahiliyyah was followed by al-Hamiri.

    The manifestations of Arab paganism.
    - Divining:-
    The Arabs had special rituals in their worship to please
    the gods and to approach them, and they took the priests
    between them and the gods, believing that they knew the
    unseen and the secrets, and the priest is the one who
    oversees the religious ceremonies, organizes the rafts,
    and attests to the offering of the gods.

    - Division of Alzlam: -
    One of the manifestations of polytheism in God and related to
    the priests and the priests is the division of the gazelles,
    and they did so in order to know the consequence of an
    action they want to do, whether it was punished by evil
    and disappointment, or by success and benefit.
    One of the most famous images of the Compulsory
    Compulsory is three pieces written on one of them:
    "Imrani Rabi" means "I do".

    Gifts and fighting: -
    The sacrifice and offering of offerings to God is usually a
    doctrine known to all the worshipers of idols. The nation
    was not free to practice this ritual, which is at the heart
    of the pagan creed. In the pre-Islamic pre-Islamic period,
    the Arabs were magnifying the house with blood, offering
    sacrifices and offering money and serving God.

    Hajj and its rituals before Islam.
    Hajj is known at the time of the Jahiliyyah to go to the
    holy places in order to be closer to God. Hajj is known in
    almost all religions, and it is one of the ancient religious
    rituals of the Algerians. The Hajj is called the month of
    Dhu al-Hijjah and the month of Hajj, a name known
    before Islam.
    Our master Abraham was the first to authorize the pilgrimage
    of the House of Allah, by order of God, and the Arabs before
    Islam were invoking the house since its inception.
    The pilgrims came from all over the world.
    They prepare for the Hajj after the end of the Okaz market.
    If the market ends, they want the Hajj from Arad. As for others,
    they come to the Hajj at any time, then go to 'Arafat,
    and the Hajj begins with the people of the Jahiliyyah.

    The processions of Hajj and Umrah.
    The Hajj of the House in the Jahiliyyah way had
    a great impact on the promotion of the phenomenon
    of polytheism, as the pilgrimage groups were in
    the form of convoys and successive processions with
    banners raised, idols and dyed clothes, which inflame
    feelings and admiration of people.
    In the month of Rajab they used to sacrifice sacrifices
    for gifts and vows when their idols came, and there was
    a special Hajj except for what they do in the month
    of Dhu'l-Hijjah.

    And the infidels will be from Arafat to Muzdalifah where
    the pilgrims will spend their night, on the tenth of
    the first day of Hajj.

    Talib: -
    Pre-Islamic pre-Islamic ignorance was two kinds of worship,
    meeting at the Sacred House and meeting idols.

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