Jesus' crucifixion of steel and murder

    Jesus' crucifixion of steel and murder

    The ancient historical documents and the ratification of contemporary Christian scholars for the Holy Quran's 
    acquittal of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from 
    crucifixion and murder have proven evidence of 
    the truthfulness of the Quranic stories of the Prophets 
    and Nations, the presentation of correct doctrines 
    and the response to false beliefs. Steel, and being
     innocent of whatever the Jews claim and Christians

    The Doctrine of Jews and Christians

     in Issa

    Of the Jewish faiths and the basic and axiomatic
     survey agreed upon by them, that Jesus Christ peace 
    be upon him was crucified and killed (punishment 
    and retribution against the Jews, and the atonement
     for his followers and their release from the punishment
     and sins of the Christians).
    And the Koran responds to that and in it God says:
    "And their disbelief and say to Mary Bahtna great * 
    And say that we killed Jesus Jesus son of Mary,
     the Messenger of God and what they killed and 
    crucified, but similar to them and those who disagreed 
    in order to doubt the knowledge they have to follow 
    the suspicion and Killed him certainly * but God raised 
    him and God was dear wise "

    The Jews wanted to get rid of the call of our Lord Jesus,
     peace be upon him, and increased their hostility to him,
     so they raised his case to the Roman governor Pilates
     and said: He is an messy man of our religion, and 
    our young people, and the difference of our people, 
    and the forgiveness of our dreams, a danger to the state,
     not subject to a decision, Full of cunning and cunning,
     dyed politically, and they knew that religion did not
     affect the rulers, so they confused politics.

    The Jews were urged to carry out the crucifixion. 
    They forced Christ to carry the crucifix, which was in court. 
    It was on Friday, which was on Saturday night, and 
    the Jews were not doing anything on Saturday,
     so they had to be judged before sundown on Friday.
    He ordered that Christ carry the cross to the gallows,
     because it was the custom of the Jews. The lamb
     was heavy and the holder was weak, and Christ
     walked very slowly through the weight of the cross.
     He was one of the followers of the Jews, former and
     opposite, and a man named Shimon. It was a tradition
     that the crucifixion was known to carry the cross, 
    which was carrying the cross. It took Shimon,
     and he took the governor to execute the judgment
     and put him on the tree, shouting and shouting that he 
    was not sentenced to crucifixion and execution.
    And the crowd came to look at this assembly, and when
     the world was dark and dark, they did not see Christ,
     and did not know His place, and God made him 
    what he desired. And God Almighty said: "And what
     they killed and crucified,

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