Introduction to Quranic Studies

    Introduction to Quranic Studies

    The Quran in the language: - is the source of the verb
    read in the sense of plural, the Almighty said "that we collect and Qoran if we read it followed his Qoran."
    And the Quran in the term: - is (the word of God home to our master Muhammad peace be upon him, frequently transmitted, worshiped by
    his recitation, saved from God, starting with the light
    of the Koran, and sealed with the people).

    Multiple names of the Holy Quran.
    The mention of the Holy Quran with multiple names, mentioned in some of the verses
    of the Holy Quran, these names are:

       The Almighty said, "Blessed is He Who brought down the Criterion to His slave, so that the worlds may
    have a vow."

    the book:
       The Almighty said: "This book is undoubtedly a guide
    to the worlds"

    Download: -
       God says "and it is to download the Lord of the Worlds."

    the light:-
       God Almighty said "and revealed to you a clear light"

    The Quran speaks for itself.
    All the verses scattered in scattered places open
    up a new door for us to learn the Qur'an, understand it, understand its content,
    and know its miracles and advantages.
    Here are several verses in this regard:

    1 - The Koran is not categorically doubtful at all.
    One of the most important characteristics of the Qur'an is that it is categorical knowledge of the firm and firm,
    the Almighty says, "That book is unquestionable" (al-Baqarah, verse 2).
    "The detail of the book is unquestionable from the Lord
    of the worlds" (Surat Yunus verse 37).
    This peculiarity is unique to the Qur'an, in which nothing else is shared by human
    speech or a book issued by humans.
    Because the source of the Qoran is the science of God, who knows the unseen and
    witnesses, and the means of descent is the divine
    revelation, which is not objected to any of the symptoms
    of humans.
    This source is innocent of all deficiency and imbalance,
    it is a categorical certainty.

    2- The Holy Qur'an is clear and clear.
    All judgments are clear. All statements are made in
    the fundamentals of religion, its foundations, its faculties
    and principles in all matters that are most needed by man,
    only to explain them and explain what they need to clarify.
    "We have brought them with a book that we have separated
    on the knowledge of guidance and mercy for people who
    (A'raf 52).

    3 - The Koran is a difference.
    The Qur'an is a difference between truth and falsehood,
    good and evil, light and darkness.
    "Blessed is the one who brought the Criterion down
    to his servant, so that the worlds may be pure" (al-Furqan 1).

    The difference between the original and the thick barrier
    established by the Holy Quran, until the hour,
    between guidance and misguidance, between faith
    and disbelief, Islam and ignorance, between
    the satisfaction of God and anger,
    between the suspicion and certainty,
    between halal and Haram, distinguished difference
    can not match the history of Islamic newspapers and religious teachings across Over the ages.
    The difference that he established between unification
    and polytheism, for example, is a difference
    that indicates his meticulousness and that he is from God.
    "It is clear that the majority of those who disbelieve, who disbelieve in the tyrants and believe in God, have clung to the most powerful bond" (Al-Baqarah: 256).

    4- The Qur'an is the source of the previous divine books and is dominated by them.
    At this point, three things should be noted:
    The fundamentals of religion and its basic faculties are
    to all books and divine religions.

    All the previous heavenly newspapers were temporary
    at a fixed time, and there was no permanent
    newspaper to stay.
    The Holy Quran is God's last book, the eternal newspaper,
    comprehensive of all the fundamentals of religion,
    and is still reserved until God inherits the land and from it.

    "If we bring down the male, we will be his keeper" (Al-Hijr: 9).
    Having delivered these observations to us,
    we understand and realize that the Qur'an is the authentication of these books, and that it is
    the balance to know its basic teachings and to prove them.
    Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    5 - The Koran leads to ways of peace and brings people     from darkness to light.

    The Almighty says: "He who descends upon His servant signs
    of signs to bring you out of the darkness to the light,
    and that God is for you to be merciful and merciful" (Iron 9).
    There is a need for a pause to the Quranic miracle, which always reminds us of the darkness,
    and the darkness reminds us of the greatness of
    the universe, because the more people lose the light
    of revelation, the more darkness around it will not be

    He sees nothing but greed and tyranny in
    states and governments, and in meetings and transactions,
    "the darkness of one another over the other,
    as he took out his hand, he did not see him very much"
    (al-Nur 40

    6- The Holy Quran is that woman who does not do good.

    In which he sees people of different faiths and different
    imaginations, have mentioned either a statement or an
    allegation, "We have sent down a book to you in
    which you remember, do you not understand?"
    (The Prophets 10).

    7 - The Koran addresses the mention of those
    nations and peoples.
    He chooses them for presentation and stories that
    do not end in their positions and actions,
    but are repeated throughout history,
    "and we have struck the people in this Quran of all things that they may remember" (Al-Zomor 27.

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