Human need for education

    God created man and made his composition includes four main components: - Mind, heart, soul and body.
    And man begins his journey on earth since his release from
    the womb of his mother these four components,
    which is not fully developed, but God Almighty make small,
    limited potential, then grow in what is deposited in the
    property of development, and the development of these
    require the supply of food that suits them.
    In the body creates a small and weak, and to grow it must
    have a varied food that meets its needs and leaves in
    its permanent impact, and always produces energy
    that drives the owner to activity and movement.
    And with the need to sustain the body with appropriate
    food must also have the time to direct its activity
    and movement in a way that contributes to the success
    of one to perform his job on the ground.

    And what applies to the body applies to the mind and heart and soul,
    these three components of education and development
    to be completed and validated and each contribute to
    the impact of the formation of a reformed Muslim,
    which performs its basic function, namely knowledge of God
    and worship and fear of the unseen, and the establishment of
    religion in himself, The souls of Muslims, and strive
    to meet all human beings.

    The need to supply the mind, heart and soul
    what works for them.
    It is also necessary to continue the contract of the body
    and supply it with the right to continue to grow and enjoy
    health and vitality, as well as must be committed to
    the mind and heart and soul, to supply what works,
    and pay what hurts them so that their moral growth in
    the right direction, especially that each of them begins
    life as the body begins , Limited capabilities and abilities,
    and has the capacity to grow, the mind begins life is empty
    of any knowledge store said, "God took you from the stomachs
    of your mothers do not know anything."

    And the heart is born on instinct, as the Prophet
    (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    "No child is born on instinct."
    And the soul begins its journey in life and has the
    capacity for immorality and emptiness, as well as
    the possibility of consumption and adaptation,
    "and the same and so forth * Valhmha vanity and strength.
    While it is not a matter of permanent guidance regarding
    food as a matter of fact, we do not deal with our minds,
    hearts and ourselves with the same degree of attention
    because we do not see them in our eyes, nor do
    we sense their needs.
    On the other hand, these three components happen to
    have growth but mostly not in the desired form, or in
    the right direction, for example:
    The mind after birth begins to receive information from all
    directions without distinction between its true and its values,
    and then this information gradually begins to form its certainty
    and beliefs and its outlook on life and its vocabulary.

    We hope that the article has received your
    admiration waiting for your comments.

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