Hijaz before Islam

    The people of the Hijaz before Islam and the fact
    that many of them are pagan worship idols,
    but there was a minority on the religion of God,
    which was brought by our master Abraham,
    peace be upon him, and there was also a
    convert to other religions.

    Taste and heavenly religions.
    In addition to idolatry in the Arabs there
    were unified doctrines and celestial religions
    whose owners refused to fall into the trap of
    polytheism. The most important of these
    beliefs are:

    1- Hanifiyah.
    Hanifism is Islam, and nostalgia is the Muslim
    and everyone who was on the religion of Abraham
    peace be upon him, and the hyphen: - are those
    who have been guided by their thinking that the
    universe has a Creator, and that there is another
    life to be rewarded by man.

    2. Judaism.
    Jews lived in villages and cities where
    agriculture and commerce were located
    in Yathrib. They had a presence in Tabuk and
    Taima, but the Jews did not have large
    communities in Mecca except for a few
    families and families.

    3- Christianity.
    The Christians lived in several places of
    the Arabian Peninsula, the countries of Yemen,
    Bahrain, Iraq and the Levant. In Mecca
    before Islam, a number of Christians
    were strangers displaced by slavery,
    trafficking or proselytizing.

    The most famous idol of Mecca.
    1- Hubble: -
    Hubble was the most famous goddess of
    paganism in Mecca, and was placed inside
    the Kaaba, which is made of a red onyx in
    the form of a man whose right hand is broken,
    was recognized by Quraysh and made him
    a hand of gold.

    2 - Isaf and Nayla.
    Isaf and Nayla were a man and a woman who
    dragged them, and he fell on Nayla in the Kaaba,
    so God gave them two stones to be the lesson
    of his preaching.
    3 - Lat: -
    It was one of the oldest gods of the Arabs,
    and it was a small white square, built with
    a house on which they began to walk.
    4- Al-Uzzi:
    It is one of the gods that the Arabs worshiped
    in general and the Quraish in particular,
    and they were of high status, and they
    are female idol
    5- Manat: -
    And the three in the triangle of polytheism
    after the Lat and Uzza, and the Prophet of
    the curse of the meaning of the meaning of fate,
    and it was said of the dead.
    6- Manaf:
    It was one of the idols of the Arabs before Islam,
    and it was the future of the black pillar,
    and it had a black granite of stone to slaughter
    the sacrifices.
    Some of the other idols are: -
    Sufaat, Adjacent, Adjacent, Bird Restaurant,
    Baghouth, Wad, Al-Sari, Eagle, Al-Khalisa,

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