Fiqh of the Muslim
    Book of Purity

    What is jurisprudence؟
    Jurisprudence is the understanding, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him
    (who responds to God good to understand in religion).
    Fiqh in Shari'a is the knowledge of the practical provisions of Shariah in
    its evidence from the Quran and Sunnah.

    What are the sections of jurisprudence?
    The scholars divided the fiqh into seven sections:
    Worship: Provisions related to the worship of God, such as prayer and fasting.
    Personal status: Family provisions, such as marriage and divorce.
    Transactions: Provisions governing the relationship of people to each other,
    such as sale and elimination.
    Rulings of the Sultan: Rulings governing the Governor's conditions by the parish.
    Sanctions: Limits, punishment, and defiance.
    International Rights: Provisions governing the relationship of the State of Islam
    to other countries.
    Ethics: The provisions concerning ethics.

    Book of Purity.
    Purity is divided into two parts:
    1 - moral purity or purity of the interior.
    It is the purity of the heart of polytheism and sins and disinfection
    of envy and arrogance and arrogance and hypocrisy.

    2 - Sensitive purity and apparent purity.
    It is the purity of slag and the event.
    Slag is something unclean, like blood, urine, or feces.
    The slag is removed by washing with water or with any remover
    that removes impurity.

    The event has two types:
    It is a major event that requires ghusl, such as janabah, menstruation and puerperal bleeding.
    A younger person is required to do wudoo ', such as urinating and defecating.

    And the biggest event of the washing ... .. Almighty said (and if you were Fatwa).
    The younger juvenile ... He said: "O ye who believe, if you come to pray, wash your faces and your
    hands to the facilities, and sweep your heads, and I will guide you to
    the ankles."
    And both shall be raised by tayammum if there is no water .... Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): "If you are sick or on a journey,
    or if one of you comes from feces or does not wear women,
    you will not find water.

    Water Sections.
    Water is divided into four sections:
    It is the pure water which is immaculate in itself antiseptic to others ... He who did not lose the form that was created on it, that is not
    changed color, smell or taste, whether it comes down from the sky,
    rain and snow, or was going on in the land, such as rivers and seas.
    Purity can not be obtained without water, such as tea, juice, lemon, and the like.
    2. Water used is the water used for purification ... as water separated from the members of the ablution and washing.
    It is pure water purified for others removes impurity and raises the event
    larger and smaller, as long as the color has not changed or taste or smell.

    3 - The water which Taha Taha.
    Is the water that is mixed with a pure substance such as soap, saffron,
    flour, etc. If it is not overcome by the thing that mixes it and
    the water keeps its three descriptions of color, taste and smell,
    it is permissible to cleanse it from impurity and raise the event.

    4- The water that is mixed with uncleanness:
    The water that is mixed with uncleanness, and one of its three characteristics
    is changed from color to smell and taste.
    It is unclean by consensus and it is not permissible to purify it.
    But if he mixes uncleanness and does not change his three descriptions,
    if a lot is not impure and purity is permissible, but if it is a little,
    then it is not unclean and it is not permissible to do tahaarah with it.

    And the cattle of the cattle.
    The question is what is left in the pot after drinking the drinker from it,
    the question of Adam is pure whether he is a Muslim or an infidel,
    as well as the question of pleasures and menstruating.

    The scholars unanimously agreed on the purity of the question of
    what the flesh of the cattle should eat, such as cattle, sheep and camels.
    As for what is not eaten meat, such as drinkers, donkeys and others,
    it is correct that her question is pure and does not affect the water,
    if it is too much.

    But if it is little and changed, it is immoral and impure.
    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in the pussy that I drank from the bowl
    (it is not biting, but it is one of the cruises on you and the rafts).
    As for the question of the dog and the pig, it is unclean.

    What are the types of impurities?
    1 - urine and feces of the dead:
    The urine that comes out of the man is unclean.
    If the body or garment becomes infected, it must be washed
    with water before doing wudoo '.
    But if a young bull who breastfeeds and does not eat a garment or
    a body is hit, we will pour water on him and there is no need to wash him.
    But if the boy ate and signed his urine on the dress of one must be
    washed with water, and the small girl Sawa was eating or not, it is
    necessary to wash the urine of her if one dress.
    The feces are unclean and the place where the feces must be cleared
    must be cleared.

    2 - Paul and Roth Mala eaten meat.
    They are Nghsan, because Paul and Ruth, any animal whose flesh is
    not eaten, is unclean.

    3 - blood shed from the animal is unclean, but the blood that is in the veins is pure.

    4- Dead.
    The dead are unclean, except for dead fish, locusts, and whatever is
    not the same as liquid,
    it is pure.

    5 - menstrual blood is unclean, it must be washed, a woman came to the Prophet peace be upon him said one
    of her clothes that affects the blood of menstruation how to make?
    He said below it and then it was pinched with water, then exhaled
    and then prayed.

    6 - The dog's saliva is unclean and must be washed when the dog has seven times, and the first is dirt.

    7- Madhiy is a thin, sticky water that comes out when lusting or remembering intercourse. It is unclean by the scholars' consensus,
    so it is obligatory to wash the vagina from it.

    8 - friendly, which is thick white water comes out after the urine, and unclean and must be washed.

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