Characteristics of good women in Islam

                 Characteristics of good women in Islam

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    What are the qualities of good women?

    The righteous mirror enjoys many wonderful qualities including chastity, honesty, and extreme care to keep away from all that angers the Almighty, and this is what earns it a lofty position, and over the next few lines we will recognize a wonderful collection of qualities of good women only. Dear reader follow up.

    First, the status of the mirror in Islam .. The dignity of Islam mirror, and its rights, and freedom, and defined the virtuous ethics that must be demonstrated in order to maintain it is the wife is standing next to her husband, and bear with him the difficulties of life, and mother Which raises the children, and the daughter who strive to obey her parents, and care .., and from here we find that the mirror has a great responsibility, and therefore must have the moral virtues to succeed in the performance of this responsibility successfully.

    The qualities of good women 

     Many Quranic verses have explained the qualities that characterize good women, and here we remember the words of the Almighty in his dear book, In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, the Most Merciful (Men are consecrated to women by virtue of God's superiority over each other and by spending their money). Including the preservation of God) the truth of God Almighty .., and in another verse, God Almighty says in the name of God the Most Gracious Most Merciful (Muslims believers Quanat Taabat Abadat tourists Thibat and Abkara) Its great. , And the most prominent 

    qualities of good women include: -

    * Be careful to obey Allah, His Messenger, and abide by all that is stated in the Book of Allah Almighty, and the year of His Messenger peace be upon him, and the performance of obligatory, and worship, such as prayer in time, and charity, fasting, and avoidance to avoid Sins, sins, and everything that leads to it.

    * Be careful to do good, and pay harm to others without waiting for a return on that because the sole goal is to the satisfaction of God, and Almighty.

    * Enjoy purity, chastity, honesty, honesty, and have the ability to keep secrets, and not to disclose, and in addition are characterized by patience when adversity, and tribulations, and thank God Almighty, and Almighty, and thanks all the time, and While having the ability to deal with those around them in a sophisticated, courteous manner, accepting criticism, advice and guidance.

    * The good mirror is the best gift of the world, and here we remember the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him from Abdullah bin Amr that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said "this world is good and good stuff of the world good women." The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) believed that a good wife is keen to obey her husband, to keep his secrets, to protect his secrets, to keep him in his absence, and to stand by his side during his time of hardship.

    * Defend the religion of God, and hold the right to say whatever the results or circumstances, in addition, we find that the good mirror is keen to call to God Almighty, and spread the ethics of Islam virtuous.

    * Enjoy the satisfaction, satisfaction and God divided them beside that seeking good mirror to seek knowledge in the belief of the importance of science as it helps them to perform the obligations, and the acts of worship ordered by God Almighty, and the right way and the education of their children, and instilled within them the love of God Almighty , And his noble messenger, and the love of goodness for people, and the care to help them.
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